Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Air Combat Element

USMC Aviation

Aviation Maintenance Officer – 6002

Aviation Maintenance Officers supervise the maintenance of aircraft and aviation equipment. Their duties ensure that all Marine Corps aircraft are ready to fly to support any mission. These officers are in charge of aircraft inspection, managing technical training and administering safety programs.

Aviation Supply Officer – 6602

Aviation Supply Officers make critical decisions concerning budget, inventory management, deployment, personnel and other support matters. They serve in the Aviation Supply Department at any one of the 11 different Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons (MALS), all dedicated to keeping Marine aircraft ready and safe.

Aviation Command & Control – 72

Officers in Aviation Command & Control serve as either Air Support Control Officers, Air Defense Control Officers or Air Traffic Control Officers. The primary functions of these MOSs include directing the interception of hostile aircraft and coordinating employment of surface-to-air-missiles, coordinating air support missions and directing activities related to air traffic control and airspace management.

Pilots and Naval Flight Officers – 75

Naval Flight Officers (NFOs) operate the advanced weapons and electronic systems on board F/A-18 Hornets and EA-6B Prowlers. The division of labor between the pilot and the NFO allows the pilot to focus on flying the aircraft and the NFO to focus on the weapons systems. The NFO often has the best situational awareness of the battlefield, and at times leads entire aviation missions.


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