Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

About Our Unit

Barnard Hall

Built in 1938, Barnard Hall houses Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC.

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Unit at The University of Mississippi was founded in 1946. The unit is housed in Barnard Hall in the heart of the beautiful University of Mississippi campus.

216 Barnard Hall
The University of Mississippi

The NROTC program offers well qualified young men and women the opportunity to commission as Naval or Marine Corps Officers while attending college. Although, Ole Miss Midshipmen are held to a higher standard than most college students, the campus life of a Midshipman is essentially the same as that of a typical college student. Naval ROTC students make their own arrangements for room and board, participate in campus activities of their choice, attend classes according to their own schedule, and enjoy the camaraderie of the Naval ROTC experience!

In addition to his/her regular course studies, a Midshipman takes a variety of Naval Science classes which includes a two hour lab period once a week. Midshipmen also participate in three summer training cruises. These cruises introduce students to every facet of the Naval Service and offer Midshipmen the opportunity to travel the world. Uniforms are provided to students and worn proudly on campus once a week.

The reward bestowed on a Midshipman as they commission as a Naval or Marine Corps Officer is an unparalleled honor. A commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps leads to a career in a wide variety of challenging and exciting career fields. Careers as Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, Surface Warfare Officers, Submarine Officers, Special Warfare Officers (SEALS), and Marine Corps Officers are only a few of the many opportunities.