Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Course Listings


Course Course Name Navy
NSC 111 Introduction to Naval Science R R E
NSC 112 Sea Power and Maritime Affairs R R E
NSC 211 Naval Leadership and Management R R E
NSC 212 Navigation R E E
NSC 310 Evolution of Warfare E R R
NSC 312 Naval Ship Systems I (Engineering) R E E
NSC 313 Naval Ship Systems II (Weapons) R E E
NSC 410 Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare E R R
NSC 412 Naval Leadership and Ethics R R R
NSC 413 Naval Operations and Seamanship R E E
NSC X15/X16 Leadership Laboratory R R R

R = Required
Required for that specific program.

E = Elective
Not a required class.

O = Optional
Not required for a grade, but in most cases it will be taken regardless.

4 year plan NSC Sequence Navy Option Example

4 year plan NSC Sequence Marine Option Example