Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

New Student Indoctrination (NSI)

*** Please Note that New Student Orientation (NSO) and New Student Indoctrination (NSI) are two separate events. NSO is a training conducted at Ole Miss while NSI is conducted in Great Lakes, IL. All Midshipmen are required to attend NSO the summer before their Freshmen year, while all Midshipmen are required to attend NSI either the summer before or after their Freshman year. There are multiple opportunities to attend NSI each Summer, making it feasible to attend both NSI and NSO during the same Summer. ***

NSI Package due dates may be found below, or in the NSI Welcome Letter [Encl (1)], and late packages will not be accepted.

The NSI Iteration Dates are as follows:

  • Iteration 1: 06 – 24 June
  • Iteration 2: 27 June – 15 July
  • Iteration 3: 18 July – 5 August

*** For specific questions not covered in Encl (3) regarding required paperwork, please contact the CMGO at GRLK_NROTC_CGO@navy.milDo not send Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Health Information via email. If such information is required by the CMGO, they will contact you directly with directions on how to send that information electronically. ***

For updates on NSI, please visit the Naval Service Training Command website here.

The forms that will need to be completed for NSI are linked below. Enclosure 1 features all the paperwork that will need to be included in your application. Enclosure 2 shows the applicant the exact format of how to fill out Enclosure 1. It is imperative to make sure all required vaccinations and a current sports physical is included (As shown in Enclosure 2). Lastly, Enclosure 3 reviews some Frequently Asked Questions about NSI. Be sure to assess and complete each document carefully, following the example information package.

Encl (1) NSI 2023 Mandatory Information Package 12.29.22


Encl (3) Frequently Asked Questions 12.29.22

Information about where and how to submit this package can be found in the NSI Welcome Letter [Encl (1)].

To learn about New Student Orientation (NSO), click here.