Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join NROTC when I attend college?

The best way is to apply for the national scholarship is at the U.S. Naval ROTC website. See eligibility and terms.

Important dates:

  • 1 Apr – online application opens
  • 26 Oct – first scholarship board
    • We recommend you have all documents submitted and your interview complete at least two weeks prior to this to be eligible to be reviewed by this board
  • 31 Dec – online application closes
  • 31 Jan – deadline to submit updated material for a previously processed application
  • 15 Feb – deadline for your recruiter to have all completed packages in the mail

Ole Miss does not have an available program for the NROTC Nurse Option scholarship.

You cannot apply for both the Navy-option and the Marine-option scholarship in the same cycle.  You must choose one of the two options for the cycle. There are opportunities to apply for the other branch once you are enrolled in the program.

You may also consider applying to our NROTC College Program (question 4).

How do I make myself competitive for the national scholarship?

Scholarship awardees have typically participated in varsity sports, held significant leadership positions in extra-curricular activities, and are strong academic performers in science/math/engineering classes in high school.  Scholarships are also more often awarded to tier 1 or 2 majors, vice tier 3

For SY20 scholarships, the following are the minimum scores required:

  • SAT Math: 540, Verbal: 550, Combined: 1150
  • ACT Math: 21, English: 22, Combined: 47

How do I schedule a national scholarship interview?

If you would like to schedule a scholarship interview, please email nrotc@olemiss.edu

What happens if I am not selected for the national scholarship, want to join after the semester starts, or am a transfer student?

Please visit our college program page here

Are there additional opportunities to be awarded a scholarship once enrolled.

If you are not awarded the four year scholarship, the unit will submit you for a three year scholarship in May of your freshman year.  The final opportunity will be after your sophomore year for a two year scholarship.  If you do not obtain this two year scholarship, or advanced standing, then you are automatically unenrolled from the program. Not obtaining a scholarship while enrolled in NROTC does not preclude you from gaining a commission through Officer Candidate School after you get your degree.

Which classes should I register for during my first semester?

Academic Requirements

Does the scholarship provide room and board? What does the scholarship cover?

Ole Miss can waive room and board for their ROTC students, but it is dependent on which scholarship option is chosen. The scholarship provides full tuition, mandatory fees, $375 per semester for books, and a stipend of $250 a month (as a freshman) for subsistence. See the list of schools that offset room and board.

How do I activate my scholarship?

Once you are awarded your scholarship, you must bring the following documents to the unit HRA to activate your scholarship.

  • Copy of email notification of scholarship award
  • Copy of birth certificate or naturalization papers
  • Copy of DoDMERB qualification letter or BUMED waiver letter

Furthermore, you must pass a fitness test (USN PFA or USMC PFT) at the unit.

How does the first semester of tuition get paid for?

In order for tuition to actually be paid, you must be medically qualified/waived, a US citizen (bring a copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers to your first day at the unit), and have passed the military fitness test at New Student Orientation.  Not meeting these three requirements will cause the tuition and fees to return to your student billing account and you will be responsible for payment.

If you (or your parents) pay for tuition and you are able to activate your scholarship before the 45th day of the semester, NROTC will pay your tuition and fees that semester.

If you are not medically qualified/waived by 45 calendar days into the semester, you are responsible for paying all tuition and fees for that semester.  The unit can request retroactive payments on your behalf, which, if approved, would be processed the following summer.

Will NROTC arrange housing for me?

We will not. You will need to register for housing through myOleMiss

Do I need to live in a certain dorm? Will NROTC provide me a roommate that is also in ROTC?

There are no requirements for dorm selection. The ROTC unit is located directly next to the student union. For this reason, many students decide to live in the dorms located off Women’s Terrace.

A list of the dorms on campus with additional information can be found here.

NROTC will not provide a roommate for you, but we do encourage finding a roommate with a similar work/sleep schedule.

Can I attend another University and participate in the NROTC Program at Ole Miss?

No. You must be a full-time, on-campus, undergraduate student at Ole Miss to participate in NROTC.

I already have a bachelor’s degree, can I still join NROTC?

No. You must be a first-time undergraduate-seeking student. You cannot be a graduate student and enroll in NROTC.

Do I need to be a full time student?

Yes. You must take at least 15 credits per semester to be enrolled in the program, 4 of which are from NROTC classes. Most students take 18-19 credits per semester (4 of which are naval science) in order to graduate in 8 semesters and to minimize winter and summer classes.

What is the minimum GPA I need to attain?

College program students need to earn as high of a GPA as possible to be competitive for a scholarship. Scholarship and advanced standing students need >2.50 each semester and cumulative in order to maintain the scholarship.

What equipment do I need to participate?

Incoming freshmen will be provided with all gear, uniforms, textbooks, and materials for their Naval Science classes except for a few items.

What does a typical week look like for a midshipman?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 0545-0700: physical fitness training

  • Midshipmen who pass the PT test with an excellent score are waived from the Wednesday fitness session.

Thursday 1300-1500: Leadership Lab

  • Every Thursday all midshipmen wear uniforms to their regularly scheduled classes. Leadership Lab consists of general military training, guest speakers, as well as general updates about the unit and current events.

How is the Marine Option program different from the Navy option program?

Marine options are not major-restricted, though technical and challenging majors are preferred. When making a degree plan, the regional studies class, calculus and physics are not requirements to complete the program.  Marine options will PT are required to attend numerous weekend Field Training Exercises.

What should I do to prepare for NROTC and Military service?

There are a variety of areas incoming students can work on to prepare themselves. Below are a few areas that many new students struggle in after reporting.

  • Physical fitness- We do not strive for the minimum in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. You are expected to surpass these minimums and excel. This is doable through the unit physical training as well as working out on your own.
  • Academic excellence- NROTC students take an additional four credits per semester compared to their peers.  Brush up on calculus and physics topics prior to arrival as a freshman to ensure you pass these classes on the first try.
  • Time management skills- you will be a full time student as well as a Midshipmen and will be expected to be successful in both. Staying on top of your work is key to being successful.
  • Communication- proper etiquette when addressing active duty staff members through emails and in person. Being punctual when communicating through email is a point of friction that many midshipmen struggle with shortly after reporting to the unit.
  • Military bearing and knowledge- it is never too early to read about the opportunities the Navy and Marine Corps has to offer. This can be accomplished by looking through the Chief of Naval Operations’s recommended reading list.

What cool technology will I have to explore?

The Ole Miss NROTC unit has a Conning Officer Virtual Environment (COVE) System that we leverage to enhance teaching during Naval Science classes as well as outside of classes. This is a virtual reality system designed to mimic ship driving at sea. FEXs provide additional opportunities to discover military technologies.