Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Naval Science Courses

The Naval Science curriculum is designed to prepare Midshipmen, MECEPs and Officer Candidates for careers as future officers in the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps. The courses are instructed by active duty officers that offer invaluable insight into the interworking’s of the Naval Services. The courses imbue the proud heritage of the United States military while exploring its rich history and promising future. In addition to developing students academically, the curriculum promotes the development of leadership and strong decision making skills.

A minor in Naval Science is offered for all students at the University of Mississippi. Naval ROTC students minor in Naval Science as part of their academic and professional development required by their scholarship contracts. Non-Naval ROTC students may complete the minor as well with a minimum of 18 hours and are not required to take Leadership Laboratory.

All students enrolled in the Naval ROTC program are required to take Leadership Laboratory each semester unless approved by the PNS.